[Remove] Medical Grade Skin Care


This is the foundation of everything in anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine. With all of the non-surgical and surgical procedures on offer, unless the skin is maintained any results that you achieve will not be optimised.

It is the skin that shows the recognised signs of ageing: wrinkles, sun damage, thread vanes, loss of elasticity, sagging or sallow colour with loss of radiant glow... the list could go on.

Part of achieving the results that so many of our clients wish is in restoring the smooth glowing appearance to their skin. Although not solely the roll of Cosmeceuticals, these will play a large roll in any non-surgical or skin procedure.

The best treatment however is prevention and we recommend that all of our clients, regardless of treatment, use at least a factor 30 and preferably a factor 50 sun protection on their face every day, all year round (Yes even in the winter!).

how it works

After your initial consultation, we will discuss all of your areas of concern and how to achieve the results you want. Some of the treatments we offer, such as Glycolic Acid Peeling, need pre treatment or priming cosmeceuticals to ensure that your skin is accustomed to the treatment provided. Many of the conditions we treat require these medical grade products as part of the treatment strategy.

None of the products we use are available from general high street chains, many of them are available only from specialist clinics such as Titchfield Skin Health and, dependent on the strategy we adopt, some may be prescription only.

For those clients that have used medical skincare products before, At Titchfield Skin Health we offer the following systems: Neostrata (Winner of the 'My face My Body Awards' Best Cosmeceutical), Obagi, Skin Tech and Medik8.

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