Snack Swaps for a Sugar Free Summer


There’s no doubt about it; sugar is bad for you. The government has launched numerous initiatives to get people to cut down on sugary snacks and help combat the national obesity crisis. But not only is sugar incredibly bad for the waistline, it’s also damaging for your oral health.

Here are a few ideas how to ditch the sugar for a healthier summer smile.

  • Be wary of low-fat products and always check the labels before you buy any packaged food. Manufacturers often replace fat for sugar and salt, so they are actually no better for you in the long run. 
  • Use brown bread, not white. Not only is wholemeal and whole-wheat bread far better for your digestion and has more nutrients, white bread also contains lots of hidden sugars. 
  • Other tooth-friendly foods include nuts, low-sugar yogurts, breadsticks, and raw vegetables such as cucumber and carrot sticks. 
  • Cheese is full of calcium and also helps neutralises acid in the mouth, which helps reduce tooth decay, so it’s great for a snack or after your meals. 
  • Avoid fizzy drinks. They are generally packed full of sugar and many contain up to the equivalent of 8 teaspoons of sugar in one can! Even diet fizzy drinks contain acids that are damaging for the teeth.
  • Don’t be fooled by fruit juices and smoothies. You may think that because it’s fruit then it’s good for you, but fruit juice contains a high concentration of both acid and naturally-occurring sugars. It’s far better to have whole fruit as you keep the fibre too, or dilute fruit drinks and only have them during mealtimes.
  • Avoid sticky dried fruits such as raisins and apricots as they contain a lot of natural sugar and can cling to the teeth for a long time. 
  • Chew sugar-free gum after your meals as it helps to stimulate the production of saliva, which neutralises acids in the mouth.


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