New Year—New Teeth—New You!

Put your dental health in order for 2020—a reduced-price Dental Health Assessment will get you started.
we can help you care for your mouth and make the right … help plan a whole new

Behind the face mask... Dr Audrey Adamson

Meet Dr Audrey Adamson—she's a first class dentist, cosmetic dentist and facial aesthetics expert. Who better to help us give you a smile worth flashing?

Winning the Generation Game...

Titchfield Dental Health keeps dental care in the family—for generations!
to your concerns and show you how we can help you. Wary patients can just pop in for a … use the most advanced digital technology to help put a smile on every family member’s

Smile Wide—Smile Free! Titchfield Dental helps the homeless live with pride

Titchfield Dental Health helps bring FREE dental care to the homeless community.
to help lift the lives of homeless people throughout … Patrick House cabled for power and ready to help the homeless. … street violence and chronic pain. We can help if they agree to a treatment plan and show up

The Science of CEREC: How to make your teeth as good as new…

in our cosmetic capability and will help put that smile back on your … our supportive dentistry skills will help you to be calm and look forward to the

Smile Makeover

then our dentists can help to restore your oral structure … we can use a variety of dental treatments to help get your dental health back on track. We


more comfortable for you. The images help you see what your teeth could look like.

New Smiles at TDH

busy building an incredible team to help us deliver even better Dental Health to

5 Things To Look For In An Emergency Dentist

to look for in an Emergency Dentist will help you make an informed decision about where to

Brushing Before or After Meals?

We offer regular hygiene treatments to help you manage your oral health. Sharon will be

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Straightening Your Teeth

adult orthodontics can help you. The types of braces available are more … Hygienist at Titchfield Dental Health can help you keep your newly straightened teeth in

Team TDH did it! Ride the Night 2016

64 miles cycle around London at night. Raised £3k for Women V Cancer. TDH's Famous Four tell the tale...
was there to help and though she couldn’t fix the

It's here! National Smile Month 2016

Titchfield Dental Health supports National Smile Month 2016 - promoting 5-star dental health throughout the UK.
always happy to lend our dental clout to help people practise

Meet the TDH Mascot: Titch, the Field Mouse

When it comes to getting the Titchfield Dental Health message out there, who better to help us than our very own mascot, Titch, the Field Mouse.
on board to help us broadcast our services to a wider

Say Cheese! All Smiles at our Open Evening

Titchfield Dental Health's recent Open Evening was a resounding success - a great way to encourage dental health and complementary whole-body cosmetic improvements.

Balance: How our holistic dental care cares for the whole of You

Holistic dental care at Titchfield Dental Health - caring for the whole person, not just their teeth.

Team TDH - peddling to support Women V Cancer Ride The Night 2016

Titchfield Dental Health supports Women V Cancer Ride The Night 2016 - the UK’s one and only women's night cycle through London on Saturday 28 May.
will take to the saddle and peddle 100K to help raise funds for three UK cancer … so get a wriggle on and help us burn rubber and help beat cancer. Visit

New Dental Challenge? Fish with Human Teeth...

While fish with humanesque gnashers swim, there will always be work for Titchfield Dental Health.
they wont be needing our help anytime soon. Full Sheepshead article

Lyndsey flowers!

Dental Nurse, Lyndsey Flowers, qualifies in Oral Health Education.
This means Lyndsey is qualified to help educate our patients about their oral

Headaches? Migraines? Jaw realignment may cure them

How jaw alignment can cure migraines
then we may be able to help you. If they are caused by a jaw … we may be able to help you. Find out more about this treatment

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