Lyndsey flowers!

Dental Nurse, Lyndsey Flowers, qualifies in Oral Health Education.
This means Lyndsey is qualified to help educate our patients about their oral

Headaches? Migraines? Jaw realignment may cure them

How jaw alignment can cure migraines
then we may be able to help you. If they are caused by a jaw … we may be able to help you. Find out more about this treatment

Feeling good in your own skin?

How Titchfield Dental Health's range of Skin Treatments can make the most of your appearance
we can help soothe … we have a treatment that will help make the most of your appearance … then  contact us for a chat about how we can help you feel good in your own skin. Looking

Dermal Fillers

administer dental anaesthetic to the area to help with any

Soothing the Daily Grind

How a jaw assessment can prevent and cure jaw grinding
mission to help people suffering with jaw issues. Jaw

Raising the Baa: sinking our teeth into team building

Chasing sheep - Titchfiled Dental Health team-building exercise
with the help of sheep. No support from trained

Snack Swaps for a Sugar Free Summer

There’s no doubt about it; sugar is bad for you. The government has launched numerous initiatives to get people to cut down on sugary snacks and help combat the national obesity crisis. But not only is sugar incredibly bad for the waistline, it’s also…
get people to cut down on sugary snacks and help combat the national obesity crisis. But not

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Why we need to know your medical history

By knowing your medical history we are better able to assess your dental-care needs and recommend the best treatment for you.

10 simple steps to keep that red-carpet smile

We want you to keep feeling happy and confident about your smile. Follow these 10 simple steps and you will..!

Book your Dental Health Review online

We have made your life easier: you can now book your Dental Health Review online. Once registered, we will send you a recall reminder by email or text...

Students: Why you need to learn about oral health

With your whole life ahead of you it's often too easy to neglect your oral health. Research has shown that students...
dental health is anything but a luxury. To help your money stretch … it will also help you achieve better

Headache Treatment

can be life changing. Treatment can also help to address tired

27% of 5 year olds have tooth decay

An alarming statistic for any parent with young children, although a survey suggests that this figure is dwindling.

Meet our Hygienist - she'll keep your teeth in prime condition....

Now that you have teeth to be proud of, keep them this way by visiting our Hygienist regularly.
for a special occasion. She can also help reduce tooth

Retainer Brite

brace discolouration. Retainer Brite will help to keep your braces


will help you keep your mouth fresh and clean … but give practical advice and help on preventive measures. We also stock all