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of us are seasoned professionals and here to help you and your family make the most of your

General Treatments

Routine Dental Health Reviews In order to help you maintain the very best oral … oral health education programme designed to help you keep your mouth in pristine condition.

About the Practice

you with all aspects of dental care to help you make the most of your treatment. … HOW WE HELP YOU We are all dedicated dentists and … professionals whose main aim is to help you go about your life with maximum ease and

Private Dental Fees

Why not help to spread the cost of your dental treatment … are always happy to explain your choices and help you decide the best course of treatment for

Membership Care Plans for Adults

 oral health educator will help you with home care techniques. Bronze

Meet the Dentists

many years and now takes up the challenge to help with the ever increasing new patient numbers

Nervous Patients

at every stage. We can help you with breathing and relaxation techniques. … How the TDH team can help you say goodbye to dental fear … with our help you can leave your fears where they

Swift Straight Smiles

payment options are available to help spread the cost. Speak to us for details.

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