General Treatments

A mouth in tip-top condition
with the polished smile to prove it

Our comprehensive palette of General, Restorative and Cosmetic Treatments, Hygienist Appointments and Oral Health Education keeps your teeth in pristine condition. Together we plan a course designed to make the most of your dentition for as long as possible.

All our treatments comprise the most advanced technologies and materials administered by highly-trained and experienced professionals totally in touch with any fears you may have about dentistry. Our unique combination of empathy and training enables us to relax and encourage confidence in even the most anxious patients. If this is you, then relax: you are in safe hands!

The basics of oral health and performance –
all you need to know

Backed by all the advice and support you need, our comprehensive range of General Treatments gives you the very best of dental care.

Dental Health Assessments

This happens on your first visit. It determines your current level of oral health and allows us to recommend and plan a course of treatment best suited to your individual needs.

Routine Dental Health Reviews

In order to help you maintain the very best oral health, we conduct routine Dental Health Reviews. These are normally conducted on the following basis:

Adults: every six or twelve months, depending on your requirement.
Children: generally every six months to monitor dental development. However, we recommend that children visit our Oral Health Educators as often as necessary to establish sound oral health habits for life.

Oral Health Education

For new or existing patients of all ages, our dedicated team of Oral Health Educators and Hygienists offers a comprehensive oral health education programme designed to help you keep your mouth in pristine condition.

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Repair and revitalisation –
improving your options


A cap or cover to strengthen and improve the appearance of badly damaged or heavily filled teeth.


A dental bridge is a permanent fixture comprising one or more false teeth and is used to fill the gap after the natural tooth has been lost through injury or extraction.

Inlays & Overlays

Inlays are a stronger alternative to conventional fillings and can be made out of gold or tooth-coloured ceramic. Using Cerec, we can provide a modern, same-day form of these restorations.


Designed to replace teeth lost through age, accident, gum disease or extraction, dentures are precision-made for comfort and fit, and tailored to match your existing teeth. Immediate dentures are those that are fitted at the time of extraction so you need not be without your smile.

Occlusal Adjustment – balancing your bite

Most people have an imbalance in the way their teeth meet – the 'bite' – a subtle misalignment between the teeth, face muscles and jaw joints.

White Fillings

To restore moderately damaged front and back teeth.

Fissure Fillings

To restore minor damage to back teeth and prevent further damage.

Root Canal Treatment

To save teeth great care is taken to painlessly clean and fill infected tooth canals with the most up to date rotary systems.


Performed painlessly and carefully to preserve the mouth for future restoration.

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Treatment of Headaches

Many people wake with headaches and have suffered for years, been to many doctors and swallowed hundreds of painkillers to try to relieve them. In fact they can be caused by an imbalance in the occlusion – the way the teeth meet, the jaws and associated muscles. Other symptoms can be a clicky jaw or restricted mouth opening. 

Rebalancing of the occlusion through exercises, discreet splint orthodontics and/or minute adjustments to the teeth (equilibration) can be life changing.

Please arrange a consultation with Clare for an Occlusal Assessment if you have these symptoms.

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I write this letter in appreciation of the major dental treatment I have received from Clare at Titchfield Dental Health. I am amazed and delighted that after various appointments during which I had 2 bridges, 6 crowns and some fillings all completed with minimum discomfort enabling me to eat a meal within 2 hours of this major treatment. The finished results of all the treatment is a tribute to Clare’s caring attitude and dental skill.