Our Hygiene Team will help you
keep your mouth fresh and clean

Titchfield Dental Health have a designated Hygiene Team who not only clean the teeth and gums, but give practical advice and help on preventive measures.

We also stock all the oral health products needed to maintain a healthy mouth at home, many of which are available to buy either from the practice or through our online store.


It is now permitted for a patient to see a Hygienist without a prescription from a dentist. This is good news for patients whose dentists do not have a Hygienist at their practice as they can now choose where they go to for a scale and polish.

Unlike many practices, our Hygienists use magnifying loupes (glasses) to see in greater detail. They can also use Oraquix, a non-injection local anaesthetic, and The Wand (a computerized anaesthetic delivery system) to ensure maximum comfort during treatment.

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Oral Heath Educators

At Titchfield Dental Health we also use Oral Health Educators in conjunction with Hygienists.

The first step to being healthy is to be shown the most effective ways to look after your teeth and gums, so even before you have seen a Hygienist we will teach you the best techniques. We give you the opportunity to perfect the techniques whilst at the Practice and, should you struggle in any way, work with you to resolve the issues before you leave.

We also use a powerful microscope to show children the bugs on their teeth. This helps them understand why regular brushing is so important. All of the children on our care plans see our Oral Health Educators as much as they need – for free.

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Since registering with Titchfield Dental Health about 12 years ago I have enjoyed a standard of care that genuinely could scarcely be bettered. From my first contact, the entire staff team has displayed skill, interest, kindness and caring. As a patient I really get the feeling that everyone is committed to ensuring that my experience is a positive one.