Orthodontic Treatments

transforming your smile

Everyone would love to have an appealing smile they could flash without a hint of self-consciousness but three things put them off wearing the inevitable brace as an adult: its visibility, the length of time they think treatment will take and the price.

With our range of orthodontic treatments you can:

  • choose an almost invisible brace
  • straighten your teeth in a matter of weeks
  • enjoy very competitive prices that can be paid in monthly instalments

Our fees start from a competitive £2,000

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children's braces

Give your children the opportunity to smile with confidence now and into the future. Titchfield Dental Health provides removable braces for children who are patients of the practice up to the age of 18.

I could not contain my excitement as I stepped into the practice for my removal appointment. When I walked into the room, I could see Clare was as excited as I was! I couldn't stop smiling (nor could Clare). And I still haven't stopped smiling since, I feel fantastic and this has been a tremendous and much needed boost to my confidence. Our wedding is next year and I am so pleased that I will have a beautiful smile in our photographs.

I cannot recommend Titchfield Dental Health enough. I feel very lucky and privileged to have had this done, and they have demonstrated an outstanding level of skill and customer care.

To anyone who has doubts about doing this for reasons of cost, pain or embarrassment, DON'T. You will never regret this life-changing procedure. Go for it!!