3 Hidden Benefits of Straightening your Teeth


Here at Titchfield Dental Health one of our favourite, and increasingly popular, treatments is adult orthodontics (teeth straightening). We offer either Inman Aligners or Swift Straight Smiles. These are both clear and discreet braces that have the power to transform almost any orthodontic imperfection. This treatment is first and foremost associated with its ability to create a straighter and fuller smile; and we’ve seen some amazing results with our patients. 

There are also some hidden advantages of teeth straightening that come hand in hand with these more obvious benefits, so you can really start to see the value of adult orthodontics.  

Broadly speaking you’ll see an overall improvement in your oral health both during and after the treatment; but more specifically:

  1. While wearing your brace you are required to brush your teeth three times a day. This tends to be an increase on those who don’t wear a brace, so think what that extra brushing each day can do for your overall oral hygiene! This is particularly true for Inman Aligners which are removable, so there’s less chance of getting food trapped and causing plaque to build up.

  2. In terms of the benefits of better oral hygiene once the brace is off, the treatment is known to create and maintain healthier gums. What the treatment can resolve are crowded teeth or gaps in your smile. Once this is resolved, gums tend to wrap around the teeth more comfortably, which promotes healthier gums that are less prone to inflammation and gum disease.

  3. Similarly, once teeth are straightened, those ‘hard to reach’ areas get eliminated so that you can remove plaque more thoroughly when brushing. This means your mouth is at a reduced risk of experiencing tooth decay.

We do hope you can see how teeth straightening can benefit the health of your mouth as well as improving the aesthetics of your smile, and that it’s really never too late to seek treatment for your teeth.

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