5 Things To Look For In An Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies can involve a range of scenarios - accidents involving your teeth or mouth can result in chips, cracks, fractures or a knocked-out tooth; or an emergency could cause general toothache, infections, bleeding, jaw pain or swelling.

When a dental emergency occurs, it’s imperative to seek treatment from a qualified dentist. Not only will this significantly increase the chance of saving your tooth (or teeth) but you’ll prevent infections from spreading or becoming more serious or costly to treat.

If you’re currently struggling with dental pain, or you ever find yourself in an emergency situation in the future, we hope our 5 things to look for in an Emergency Dentist will help you make an informed decision about where to go…


It sounds obvious, but it is important to know if you can arrange an appointment on the same day as you call.

A good Emergency Dental Provider, including Titchfield Dental Health, have a same-day emergency appointment guarantee. This means if you call before a certain time (usually before 12pm) the dentist will see you before the end of that working day.

When you’re in pain, there is nothing worse than being told you have to wait more than 24 hours for an appointment. We work hard to accommodate patients seeking immediate treatment and will try our best to minimise waiting times.

Another thing to look for is the number of resident dentists at the practice. As a general rule, you are more likely to receive a same-day emergency appointment from a practice with more than one resident dentist. Titchfield Dental Health has 3 resident dentists.


It is worth bearing in mind the range of services the Emergency Dentist can offer, particularly if you have a reasonable idea what your dental needs are (i.e. you have a broken tooth, bleeding gums etc.) Knowing the practice offers a comprehensive range of general dental treatments will avoid the need to travel elsewhere (who wants to drive any distance when they’re in excruciating pain?!).


Whilst the precise cost of treatment will depend on a patient’s unique case, a guide price should always be available to view online.

Find out what payment methods are accepted and whether the practice offers payment plans, allowing you to pay in installments.

We offer interest-free credit for any treatments over £400 (subject to status), as well as adult and child membership care plans. The membership price includes Worldwide Dental Trauma and Emergency Callout Insurance - protecting against the cost of unforeseen accidental damage or should you need a dentist in an emergency, anywhere in the world!


You can’t beat a good referral. When seeking a new dentist, especially for an emergency appointment, it’s always wise to check out what others have said.

A lot of dentists have reviews or testimonials on their website; you could take a look at their Facebook page; or there’s always Google reviews and NHS Choices.

We’re very proud of the positive feedback we receive from our patients. Take a look at our Facebook page:


The location of the dental practice is something you should be mindful of too.

Is it easily accessible by car or bus? Is there sufficient on-site or off-street parking available? We have ample parking and are just a few minutes' drive from Junction 9 of the M27.

Use this checklist when making your decision and you’ll increase your chances of receiving the best emergency dental care possible!


At Titchfield Dental Health, we’re committed to providing same-day emergency appointments.

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, please ring the practice early in the morning on 01489 581158.

If you are reading this outside of surgery hours, you may call the usual practice number 01489 581158 and a recorded message will advise you as to the number of the Duty Dentist on call. For the elderly or housebound, we will gladly arrange treatment at your home.


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