Aloha, Titchy-Titch, the Travel Mouse!


Titchy-Titch, Tiny Mouse Big On Travel Nouse, is accompanied by our Practice Manager, Sharon Nanson & Husband, on a dream jaunt in Hawai'i.

Titchy-Titch, or TT, as he likes to be known, is the tiny but flamboyant cousin (twice removed) of Titch, the Field Mouse, our statuesque Publicity Rodent...


(You know how it is with mice – open the door to one and you’ve opened the door to every friend and relative under the sun.)

Cast in the same mould as travel icons, Alan Whicker and Judith Chalmers, TT is TDH’s very own travel guide. Thanks to his towering travel nouse, we go on the best holidays – get the best deals, stay in the best places, see the best sights and generally have the best time.

And so it was for Mr & Mrs Nanson, both determined to celebrate his retirement with an unforgettable far-flung fling.

Where better than the Polynesian archipelago of Hawai’i? The Big Island to be precise, the ultimate tropical paradise: sun, sea, sand (of rainbow hues), palm trees, rainforest, big yellow hibiscus blooms, volcanoes, molten lava plunging into ocean depths, horse riding, open-sea kayaking, whale-watching, dolphins, manta rays, turtles, grass skirts, blossom leis, the hula dance, fresher-than-fresh seafood, and barrel-loads of island-brewed rum and beer.

The TDH Trio experienced every iota that this heavenly island has to offer.

So, if a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a zillion words expressed in a mere droplet of pictures…


Thanks to TT's travel nouse, Sharon navigated the busy airport with aplomb.


TT held Sharon's hand as they waited to go whale-watching.


TT kept an eye out for Moby's descendants.


TT snapped Sharon's spouse singeing his derrière atop a hot Hawai'ian wall.


TT – a plum-tuckered bed hog after a fun day in the sun.

~ Epilogue ~

“Was it good?”

“Better than good, TT, it was splendiferous.”

“Thought so. Did I get in the way?”

“Not at all, TT. You were very discreet. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

“I know.”

Where next for Titchy-Titch, Tiny Mouse Big on Travel Nouse, and his plucky TDH trekkers?