Behind the face mask... Dr Audrey Adamson

Dedicated dentist. Committed facial aesthetician. Dark seahorse…

Welcome to our new dentist—Dr Audrey Adamson. She’s a woman of many talents. An exceptional dentist? Take this as said. But lift the hatch and she’s quite the superstar with some impressive achievements up her sleeve.

But first, Audrey’s dental story

It’s a family affair
Hailing from County Mayo in the west of Ireland, Audrey was focussed on dentistry from an early age:

“I’ve wanted to be a dentist since about the age of 11. I was brought up in a dental household from my dad to my granddad, my uncle and my elder sister, who’s now a consultant paediatric dentist.

“I moved to Cardiff to study dentistry in the then University of Wales, College of Medicine. I qualified in 2004 and was awarded the Dental School Alumni Prize for best all-round contribution to the dental school in academic, sporting and cultural activities.

“I’ve always loved the variety in general dentistry and treating patients of all different ages with a large range of dental treatments.”

At work in a dental charity mission in Vietnam...

Dental Mission Vietnam.jpeg

A clear course
Audrey is proactive and keeps abreast of changes in the dental industry:

“I have completed numerous courses here and abroad over the last 15 years, keeping up to speed with the various advancements in my profession and with a larger focus on cosmetic dentistry.

“In 2017 I completed a one-year comprehensive course in Cosmetic Dentistry & Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry with the renowned Dr Christopher Orr in London.

“I have also branched into facial aesthetics, offering patients a range of anti-wrinkle (Botox) and dermal filler treatments. I enjoy this side of my work a lot and find it a perfect fit alongside cosmetic dentistry.”

“In University and in the earlier years of my career I did a lot more oral surgery and periodontics, however what most excites me now in dentistry is the cosmetic side of it. I love improving my patient’s smiles, whether that’s through straightening their teeth, whitening, cosmetic fillings and build-ups, to more detailed smile design cases with dental veneers, crowns and bridgework or restoring dental implants.”

“Dentistry has come a long way since my granddad’s day in terms of material advancements, technology and the huge shift towards cosmetics. The latter is driven more by the consumer than anything.

“The majority of patients won’t accept a “half decent” smile anymore (and rightly so) with a few misaligned teeth, old discoloured fillings, gaps, spaces, etc. Thanks to our smart phone cameras and social media we’re now in an age of “click” and “zoom-in” and patients have become more conscious of their smiles and any flaws therein as a result.

“I believe the most important skill we all have as dentists is our ability to listen to our patients and to give them the time to be heard and understood. And this is one skill that hasn’t changed since my granddad’s time. In dentistry we’re not just treating individual teeth or a mouth we are treating people, and this is why I love my job so much!”

Dark seahorse
Dr Adamson has more than one passion. She’s a skilled sailor, too:

“After running a successful sailing business and working as a dentist in the UK and Ireland for nearly 10 years, I took two years out to fulfil a lifelong dream and sail around the world.

“I was approached by Eddie Jordan (yes, the Formula One star!) to work as first mate, medic and chef onboard his super yacht, Oyster 885, LUSH. I sailed west around the world through the tropics and completed the circumnavigation in the Caribbean, a trip that took two years, from 2012—2014.

On the bow of LUSH...

On the bow of LUSH.png

“I adore sailing and, if the weather is fine, you’ll find my husband and I and our two children pottering about on our boat on the Solent. It’s what drew us to our home in Hampshire.

“I love all sports and have run a couple of marathons—one of which I broke a Guinness World Record, along with 29 others from my family, for the most amount of family members to complete a marathon.”

A love for sailing is something that Audrey and practice owner, Dr Clare Chavasse, have in common. Clare established TDH on the south coast so that she could pursue her co-passion—which is best expressed by the Water Rat to the Mole in Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows…

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing—absolutely nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

 Dental work afloat.png

Why TDH?
It’s pretty obvious how Dr Adamson feels about our Practice:

“Titchfield Dental Health is a top-class dental private practice in Park Gate, which offers patients not only exceptional dentistry but also outstanding customer service.

“Patients don’t feel rushed when they come here; they are given the time and treatment they deserve. They are being listened to and their problems addressed, not just by the dentists and hygienists but also by the whole team.

“It’s this team focus and work ethic that sets it apart from any other practice I’ve worked at. From the oral health educators to the treatment coordinators, reception staff and management there is a massive effort to make this as comfortable an experience as possible for our patients and put them at ease.

“I have access to superb dental equipment and can practise my particular interest in cosmetic dentistry, smile design, facial aesthetics and Invisalign Go®. This includes the intra oral scanners and the CEREC® machine. With this we can make porcelain crowns and onlays in the dental practice and fit them on the same day as the patient comes in for the preparation of the tooth. Normally this is a two-visit treatment while the lab constructs the crown.

“It is also wonderful to work alongside other like-minded dentists and hygienists with whom I can discuss cases in detail and provide the best quality of care and dentistry for my patients.”

Plans for the future
Audrey is committed to her future in dentistry:

“I aim to keep learning and improving as a dentist and facial aesthetics provider and to offer the best quality treatment and care for my patients. I know it’s a cliché, but I always strive to be the best that I can.”

Dr Audrey Adamson—a glowing addition to the TDH team


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