Behind the face mask... Dr Reena Irvinn

Natural-born people person. Scientific. Artistic. Holistic. Teacher. Kind, caring and so good at calming our nervous patients.

A nose for science
Dr Reena Irvinn has always been scientifically inclined, from early work experience days through to being a lead dentist at Titchfield Dental Health.

“I originally applied to read Pharmacy but work experience at a very busy hospital pharmacists left me profoundly unfulfilled.

“I missed the interaction with people—this naturally led me to work experience at a dental practice. I loved it and knew I had found my calling. It was interactive, interesting, artistic and scientific—all my interests rolled into one!

“'I’ve always enjoyed meeting and getting to know people and being able to help people directly sealed the deal for me. I have no regrets choosing this vocation at all.”

The dental bit between her teeth
Reena shares something in common with our practice owner and founder, Dr Clare Chavasse—she’s another gal from Guys!

“I gained my BDS in 2005 from Guys, Kings and St Thomas in London. From here I gained a PgC in Medical Education. I was a Foundation dentist trainer which I really enjoyed. Being able to help newly qualified dentists bridge the gap between undergraduate teachings and real-world applications was very stimulating.”

Committed to Continuous Professional Development
Dentistry is a rapidly developing industry and Reena believes it is important to master the changes and challenges.

“At the moment I am in the middle of an MSc in Advanced Restorative Dentistry at the University of Manchester.

“I am also training in non-surgical facial rejuvenation at the Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute in Reading. This will see me qualified in:

· Botox for anti-wrinkle treatment
· Treatment for muscles related to teeth clenching and grinding
· Dermal fillers for lips, chin, nose, jawline, tear troughs and cheeks

Screenshot 2019-11-18 at 14.08.03.png

“We all naturally lose definition, so I envisage very natural enhancements. They are all safe techniques and I have also been invited to be an ambassador: I have attended one teaching session so far and will be booking myself for more sessions.

“I really love teaching and plan to introduce the use of threads to help rejuvenate the skin and provide non-surgical face-lifts.”

Reena is also skilled in Invisalign Go® and Fastbraces®—revolutionary, affordable teeth-straightening systems that are transforming the world of orthodontics.

“It has been amazing to undertake cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic treatments as a GDP. I've had a lot of support from the specialists based in Texas. A recent case I finished had a lovely outcome with the added benefit of a complete absence of headaches! I was so pleased that I was able to help, and it was a pleasure getting to know the patient.”

Connecting with nervous patients
People can be wary of the dentist, to say the least, but Reena is skilled at welcoming them into the dental fold.

“I enjoy meeting and treating nervous people. It may sound strange but, like a lot of people, I’ve had a few experiences that left me feeling anxious of the dental setting. I thought about this and concluded that an absence of a connection was the cause, and the trust this encourages.

“Connection is vital in establishing a healthy patient-dentist relationship. I really work at this and successfully treat the nervous people I meet.

“Having the support of the great TDH team also plays a big part. I have complete trust in their expertise and input. We are united in our approach and this makes the whole patient journey safe, happy and successful.”

Why Titchfield Dental Health?
Once again, Reena’s proactive approach and natural-born people skills determined her dentistry path.

“I wanted to be a part of a dental team that was forward thinking and interactive. The previous practices I had worked at I sometimes felt a lack of support. When I met with Clare and Sharon , I knew this was a team who sang from the same hymn sheet. I'm really pleased I've found my 'dental home'.

“I am really enjoying the application of my Masters’ teaching. Understanding the mouth so much more helps to avoid complications and has helped me diagnose and plan dental treatments.”

Reena never forgets that it’s the whole person she treats.

“Working with Clare on Wednesdays has been so helpful as she is instrumental in me taking on more complex cases. Being able to provide 'same day crowns' aka CEREC® is just beautiful and a geek’s dream!

“It's interesting all round and patients are really impressed. I am also really enjoying my implementation of facial aesthetics. I'm a very grounded clinician and will only suggest treatment I would accept myself. I've had a 'tweakment' or two myself, but I dare you to spot them!

“I feel social media can skew people’s opinions and I will always have my patients’ best interest at heart.”

Fit in mind and body
It’s not all work and study for Reena. Despite her lack or spare time, she keeps herself super-fit.

“Outside of work, I try and stay mentally and physically healthy. I’m a real gym bunny and relish a good workout and how it sets you up for everything life has to throw at you.

“Once I have completed my studies, I hope to revisit my love of travel. I have itchy feet and spent most of my 20s travelling and I still have many destinations to explore!”

Dr Reena Irvinn—a high-energy, patient-focused dentist who helps you smile.

If you're dentist-wary why not give us a call and come along to meet Dr Reena Irvinn and the whole team? Here's one of our nervous patients who did just that...

"I so want to thank all of the lovely staff at Titchfield Dental Practice for the kindness, care and understanding that was shown to me on my recent visits. As you all know I had an extremely deep fear of any dentist after a very bad experience many years ago. Just passing by the door of a dentist or hearing someone talk about the dentist filled me with dread. But since my visits and treatment at Titchfield Dental Health I have lost this fear, it doesn’t bother me at all any more to pass a dental practice. I know I have found a practice that doesn’t look or smell like the usual dentists! A place where patient care is second to none. I can’t thank the lovely staff enough and look forward to seeing you all on my next visit (I never thought I would be saying that!)." Lyn W

Image: Dr Reena Irvinn outside the Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute in Reading—with Dr Bob himself.


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