Christmas Teeth, Toasting & Opening Times!

If you haven’t already noticed, Christmas is roaring in. Stores are heaving, piped music is piping, children are fretting and bank accounts are rupturing fast…

So, if there’s an inch of grinch in you you’ll want to avoid the clamour and commotion—which is where a TDH dental treat comes in!

Perfect teeth for Christmas?

We have a range of treatment vouchers that will put a smile back on anyone’s face—a specified amount towards any treatment of your choice.

Know someone who fancies a dazzling set of gnashers?

Then make their day with a voucher for a teeth-whitening treatment.

teeth whitening.jpg

You can buy a voucher for any treatment so treat someone—and maybe yourself, too?

How about investing in Invisalign?

This would be a real investment in your dental profile and many people are registering for it, as our recent Invisalign Open Day proved.

Sharon Nanson, TDH Practice Manager comments:

“Our first-ever Invisalign Open Day in November was all we wanted it to be. The good news is that 11 patients signed-up on the day and claimed their £500 discount and are now on their way to perfect smiles for the first time in their lives.

“We may well have another open day in the New Year or Spring, so watch this space if you would like something to smile about!”

What is Invisalign?

Screenshot 2019-11-18 at 14.14.06.png

Invisalign is the world’s most advanced product and process comprising a set of clear braces or ‘aligners’, tailored to your dental profile. They take you on a journey to your dream smile, straightening your teeth millimetre by millimetre.

The aligners are clear and near-enough invisible and the process is comfortable, efficient and safe. They are also removable, so they are easy to whip in and out to stay clean and fresh.

Your Invisalign journey is a three-step process

1. Consultation: Once we have assessed that Invisalign is right for you, we create your individual ClinCheck ® 3D treatment plan.
2. Your aligners are ready: We fit your custom-made aligners to wear every day and change at home (around everyone to two weeks). We’ll check you every six to eight weeks to make sure that the process is on target and going smoothly.
3. Congratulations! You have crossed the finish line: Off come the aligners and you will see the transformation. It’s an ongoing partnership as you’ll wear the aligners at night to keep your smile just how you like it.

Toasting a perfect smile

Check out the flawless smile on our Dental Nurse, Lyndsey Flowers. It’s her five-year TDH anniversary so we toasted her with chocs and flowers. Thank you from all of us for your hard work—the team wouldn’t be the same without you!

Picture 1.png

Open all hours
If you have a dental emergency over the festive season, we can help. Our time off is minimal and we have a skeleton staff in place to cover when we are closed. Even the big man himself is covered…


Open: Christmas Eve until lunchtime.

Open: Between Christmas and New Year.

24/7 emergency cover when closed: Call us and our answerphone message will tell you how to get in touch.


“HAPPY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR from everyone at Titchfield Dental.”


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