Dental pioneer crosses pond in pursuit of esthetic excellence

Our very own dental pioneer, Dr Clare Chavasse, has consolidated her expertise by flying across the pond to attend a two-day seminar on Creating Esthetic Excellence.

Focusing on how to restore teeth so that they look and work as they should, the seminar was held at the Spear Education Centre in Phoenix, Arizona. This organisation is the brainchild of Dr Frank Spear, one of the most recognised educators in restorative and esthetic dentistry.

As a member of the sole UK branch of the Spear Study Group, Clare meets up with fellow members every month to augment her knowledge of advanced restorative dentistry. It also reflects her commitment to Continuing Professional Development, a programme to keep her at the forefront of dental excellence.

Naturally enough, Clare made the most of the opportunity and stopped off at the Grand Canyon…

“The trip was very beneficial. I learned so much and I really look forward to implementing this knowledge for the benefit of patients in need of dental restoration or cosmetic work to boost that winning smile.

“Of course, the Grand Canyon was an added bonus. It had to be done and was a profound example of the effect of wear and tear on a landscape – a lesson not lost on a dentist with a deep interest in restorative practice!”

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