Going Crazy for Charity!


What is it about spring that makes the animal kingdom go ape? Mind you, it’s just as well that the sap’s rising as we have to bankroll our 2017 challenge: Race the Sun Isle of Wight, an action-packed day in July to raise funds for Action Medical Research for Children.

Mad Moneyspinners:

Car Boot Barmy!
Anne and Ruth hit Bursledon’s car boot sale and raised £200. They took along a fine pair of Normas (Ruth’s mum and our cleaner), and returned with them, too. It seems we couldn’t bear to part with the duo, despite the big-cash offers.

Cake Bake Crazy!
Monday 10 April sees the start of a Two-Week Tea Party. Can you credit it? Fourteen days. A real cake-buster. We’ll be baking like fruitcakes and anyone can stop by for a slice (donations appreciated). Coffee and tea are on the house, too. Bezza would be proud!

Unfitness Fanatics!
With a 44m cycle, 15m trek and a 1.5m canoe course looming, it’s wise to put in some training. So some of us (Sharon) have dug our bikes out of hibernation in a bid to catch up with Goody Two-Wheels (Ruth), who has cycled all winter. This could get messy.

About Action Medical Research for Children
Funds raised by Race the Sun Isle of Wight will support the work of this children's charity, offering hope to the many thousands of families across the UK who are dealing with the trauma of a baby born too early, striving to support a child affected by disability, or facing the challenge of caring for a child with a rare and devastating disease for which there is no cure.

Sponsor Us!
All donations are welcome for this worthy cause. CLICK HERE! to sponsor Sharon, Clare, Ruth and Nicky at Race the Sun Isle of Wight. And hope to catch you at our Cake-Buster!