New Year—New Teeth—New You!

What better time to sort out your oral health than the start of a brand-new year?

And by oral health we mean your whole dental groove, from regular dental health reviews to establishing and maintaining a great relationship with us, your friendly TDH dental team.

This way, we can help you care for your mouth and make the right choices. This is so worth doing as your dental health impacts your overall health and wellbeing, too.

We can advise you on the basics such as establishing an effective oral hygiene routine through to oral cancer screening and major cosmetic improvements that will transform a challenging dental profile into a bobby-dazzler of a smile… 

Our range of treatments will make you look and feel your best…

Cosmetic | Orthodontic | Implants | Headaches | General | Invisalign

Inman Aligner | Teeth Whitening | Emergency | Smile Makeover

We also specialise in Facial Aesthetics and calming Nervous Patients.

Let’s Start!

Screenshot 2020-01-06 at 14.25.21.png

 Talk to us about your 2020 dental vision and we’ll help plan a whole new you!


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