Pain-free dentistry? What wizardry is this?

Yes, we have a Magic Wand. One wave of it eliminates pain from every dental procedure - no numb face, no fat lip, no long-lasting, lopsided smile - and you can have that restorative cuppa without dribbling.

The Magic Wand looks like a pen. Its magic lies in a computerised design that delivers the anaesthetic at a slow, controlled pace, so much so that if patients ask when are we going to start, we have, in fact, finished.

This has got to be great news for everyone, especially those of you out there who would rather chew wasps than visit the dentist. No more tears, sweats, shakes, jelly legs or grumbly stomach, just a normal pulse, healthy teeth, and a new-found confidence - you in control of your life with the smile to prove it.

All thanks to Titchfield Dental Health and our Magic Wand pain-free procedures.

If this isn't wizardry, what is?








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