Periodontal Health? We've been ahead of the game for 22 years!

When it comes to best-practice periodontal health, it seems we have even more to smile about at Titchfield Dental Health: according to key opinion leaders we are on point and have been for 22 years.

Just check out the prevention and treatment points outlined by these leaders at a 2015 National Advisory Panel event and you will see that we have been operating at the forefront of periodontal dentistry since we opened in 1994:

  • Effective plaque and calculus removal is key to oral health;
  • Dental healthcare professionals have a responsibility to educate patients on their disease status and to direct patients appropriately;
  • Patients should receive tailored oral hygiene instruction and demonstration;
  • Patients have a responsibility to act upon the advice given by dental healthcare professionals;
  • For effective management optimal patient home care and professional debridement are both essential;
  • Long-term periodontal maintenance with continuity of care is critical for successful treatment outcome;
  • Clinically proven mouthwashes, gels and pastes should be considered for recommendation to those individuals who are not achieving optimal levels of plaque control in their home care routine.

Delighted practice owner and lead dentist, Dr Clare Chavasse, observes: 

"We have been doing this for 22 years since the practice opened - it is the fundamentals of good dentistry!"

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