Raising the Baa: sinking our teeth into team building

When it comes to cutting-edge dentistry, we like to stay ahead of the herd. To this end, this year's Awayday is dedicated to team building - with the help of sheep.

No support from trained sheepdogs; just us, communicating across bounding rumps, herding an unruly flock into a pen. It's all about collaboration, apparently, and comes courtesy of Raising the Baa, a company offering "a truly unique and effective approach to team development, using live sheep. Corporate teams are challenged to use their communication and leadership skills to herd a flock of sheep into a pen. If one man and his dog can achieve the goal, why shouldn’t a team of intelligent people?"


Date: Thursday, 22 October. Venue: a muddy field.

Stay tuned for an update, complete with photos and video. Bound to be fun, and bound to raise the baa on our teamwork - all for your benefit, courtesy of the Titchfield Dental Health team.







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