SMILE! Digital Dentistry Takes Centre Screen

The future is digital—and dentistry is no exception. So, you’ll be delighted to hear that we have embraced automation to bring you all the benefits of tomorrow’s teeth—here, today, in our thoroughly digital dental practice.

Our digital intelligence: a smile to be proud of
We offer a safe, pain-free suite of digital tools and capabilities that will transform your dental profile more quickly, reliably, comfortably and cost-efficiently than before.

Check out our digital talent…

iTero Intraoral Scanner: your new dental profile preview—no impressions needed
This high-precision, 3D laser scanning system will show you what your teeth will look like before treatment begins—no impressions needed. Using a wand (think bristle-free jumbo toothbrush), we scan your teeth and gums, with the images instantly appearing on a screen for monitoring and diagnosis.

Invisalign: a perfect smile in just three months
A world-leading, teeth-straightening system using removable, transparent aligners. Used in conjunction with our iTero scanner, we can show you the outcome of your planned treatment, with the aligners tailored progressively to train your teeth towards the desired profile. Up to 50% faster than previous methods!

CEREC: single-visit restorations
A chairside capability, our CAD/CAM system restores your dental profile, making it as good as it used to be—or better. No impressions needed, our in-house milling unit interprets the scans and creates the required prosthetic. That’s made-to-measure porcelain or ceramic crowns, crown lays, veneers, inlays and overlays, fixed bridges, dental implant restorations, dentures and orthodontic appliances. For the full picture, read our CEREC blog.

The Wand: painless dentistry—at last!
No more eye-watering syringes at TDH—or fat-lipped dribbles. We use The Wand®, a computer-controlled local anaesthetic delivery system that has revolutionised dentistry and made us a big hit with even our most sensitive patients. We hear: “When are you going to do it?” and we reply: “We already have!”

Software of Excellence: optimising patient care
Our premier dental practice management software has improved our performance, from front desk through to our practice manager and entire clinical team. Designed to keep us happily at the top of our profession, the results automatically ripple through to you, our patients.

Our promise to you
We will monitor and respond to advances in digital dental technology and integrate them with exceptional personal service and care. We will train our team in compassionate skills to ensure anxious patients receive the dental care they deserve. This, plus our award-winning status, is all the reassurance you need to make Titchfield Dental Health your practice of choice.

If you are not already benefitting from our digital and patient-focused dentistry skills, why not contact us for a chat—strictly no robots!


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