TDH's Skeleton Staff Excels at Xmas


Many people were extremely grateful for our yuletide dental care, as supplied by Clare, practice owner and lead dentist.

Because it's exactly at times like this that our teeth play up – when we shut up shop and throw ourselves into seasonal shenanigans.

Luckily for some, we kept our doors open to everyone who needed urgent dental attention – not just TDH patients but anyone with dental trauma of any type, from toothache to a lost filling.

Which just goes to show what a thoughtful, caring practice we are.

Now that we are firmly into 2017, you’ll be glad to hear that our skeleton staff has regained lost pounds and is once again their recognisable self, and that our dental services are also fully restored.

That’s top-notch dental care, Monday – Friday, with a 365-day emergency service. If you are elderly or housebound, we can arrange treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Visit our Appointments page for full details.

And a Happy New Year to you all from everyone at Titchfield Dental Health!