Team TDH did it! Ride the Night 2016

That’s four of us - Intrinsically Fast, Fab, Fit  & Funny (Nicky, Ruth, Clare and Sharon) - cycling a 104k (64 miles) route around London, at night, and part of a 3000 female phalanx.

Proud, triumphant, sore of leg and derrière, but £3k the richer, and all for a worthy cause: Women V Cancer.

Let one of the Famous Four tell the tale - our 'Intrinsically Funny' Practice Manager, Sharon Nanson:

“Oh, It was all fantastic! We were all apprehensive beforehand and it was a bit drawn out as we had to be there before 7pm, and our wave didn’t go out until 10.30pm.

"However, it was very well organised and when our time came we got off at about 10.40 after a safety briefing.

"The roads were quite quiet which is obviously the reason for riding the night, and the spirits were high of all the 3000 ladies cycling.

"There were several highlights but we agreed the best was going over Westminster Bridge towards Big Ben, just as it struck 2am! It was wonderful.


"We cycled down the Mall which had been closed for an event taking place the following day so it was empty, bar some ladies cycling and riding towards Buckingham Palace. It was magical.

"There was lots of support from revellers during the city part of the ride and the traffic in central London was similar to a normal day time ride in Southampton!

"Also, the organisers had arranged for the London Eye to be lit up in pink in support of us which looked lovely.

"Everything went well until my gears played up and my pedals seized up but one of the ride “angels” was there to help and though she couldn’t fix the gears, she did get my pedals going again. It just meant that I could only use my lower gears not my high ones, but that was fine as most of the course was pretty flat until…

"10 miles from the end was a very, very steep and long hill! Hardly anyone managed to ride up it – most people were walking. But Clare, who is of course intrinsically fit, rode right to the top! She was the only one of the four of us that managed it though we gave it a good go and didn’t give up without a lot of effort.

"Then the dawn chorus spurred us on, and there were a couple of urban foxes watching us as we trundled along, and with the light came the cold and wind.


"Clare, Ruth and I completed the course in 7 hours which was about 6 hours of riding as we stopped 3 times at the watering stations and once with mechanical problems, and another 10 minutes when we lost Ruth. Nicky took 4.5 hours as she is intrinsically fast!

"We are grateful for all the support and sponsorship and have raised about £3,000 between us so far.

"We are also happy that no injuries were incurred and we all enjoyed it!”

Intrinsically fab,fit, fast and funny.jpeg

 Well done, ladies - and roll on Ride the Night 2017…


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