We Did It! Race the Sun IOW


We're pleased to announce that the Titchfield Dental Health team successfully completed the Race for the Sun challenge in the Isle of Wight organised by Action for Charity. Thank to all our patients and suppliers that supported us and so kindly donated. 

52 teams of 4 took part and 49 completed it, though there were many that completed without a full team. We came 49th! 

We're pleased to say that we all finished. It took exactly 11 hours from start to finish.  It was such hot day but the scenery was stunning and kept us going. A huge thank you to Rania for stepping in at the last minute, when Alishia unfortunately came down with Tonsillitis on the Thursday before. She hadn't trained or even ridden a bike for 2 years! Most importantly we had fun and enjoyed the day.

We may have come last but we are still winners!  We we're over the moon to win the award for 'Best Team Spirit'! It is still possible to sponsor us if you'd like to, please click here.