About the Practice

About our practice –
welcome to the new face of dentistry

excellent patient care

Our ultimate aim is to improve the dental health of every single one of our patients and we pride ourselves on our caring approach, which is especially welcomed by nervous patients.

We offer a relaxed and non-judgemental environment where we spend unhurried time with our patients. We will listen to patients’ needs and dental desires and together come up with the treatment options to meet requirements.

We understand how difficult it is to make that first step and visit a new dental practice so please call in, have a cuppa, meet some of the team and have a look around before committing to an appointment.

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We are all dedicated dentists and health professionals whose main aim is to help you go about your life with maximum ease and confidence.

We help achieve this by optimizing and maintaining your oral health – the appearance and performance of your teeth and gums – however reluctant you may be to visit a dentist.


Our practice combines advanced procedures within a contemporary, comfortable, informal environment comprising dedicated consultation, treatment and education rooms, with privacy and discretion assured at every stage from appointment-making onwards.


We deal with all aspects of your dental healthcare but, if you want to make the most of your treatment, it is up to you, the owner of the teeth, to look after them between dental health reviews.  For example, are you aware of the effects of lifestyle and diet on your teeth and mouth? We can assist you with all aspects of dental care to help you make the most of your treatment. Remember, the better you look after yourself, the less you see of us!

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Our Practice Vision

Titchfield Dental Health will have the reputation of being the best private practice for ‘natural looking cosmetic dentistry’ in Southern England.

We will achieve this and our reputation will be for excellence in:

  • The care and understanding of, and empathy for, all patients
  • Concentrating on the dental HEALTH and general well-being of the patients
  • Considering all alternatives for treatment to produce the least invasive and most aesthetic approach, using the technology available in the practice to best effect
  • Gold Standard teamwork - every team member understanding their job description and vital role within the team, and working to their best ability.

Every team member being willing to do what it takes with a ‘can do attitude’ to maintain a slick working day for the benefit of all, remembering ‘patients come first’ at all times.

Comments from a one time nervous patient... The whole experience was unlike any other dentist I had previously visited. The staff were very welcoming and soon put me at my ease. The dentist listened carefully to my concerns and he and his nurse made the whole experience as pain free as possible. After the initial visit, subsequent visits felt more like going to see friends than just going to the dentist.