Finding the right dentist

How do you know whether your new dentist is going to be as good as or better than your last? According to Gary, you have to put them to the test of having some real treatment, not just a check-up. For Gary, who required years of dental work following an accident, finding the right dentist has been a long journey. Here’s his story:

“I started looking for a dentist about 5 years ago so I went around my colleagues and friends to see if they could recommend any. Most people don’t recommend a dentist!”

“The problem with a dentist is that you can’t really know what they are like until they have started treating you.” In Gary’s opinion, a patient cannot really know how good a dentist is by just having a check-up and this is where he sees there is a catch.

“When your needs are more complicated, you have to experience what a dentist is like when they are doing a proper treatment. At that point, either you’ve got to go in and experience a treatment before you’re going to trust them with more; or you’ve got to know people you respect who have had a filling done, or had braces put on, or another treatment, who can recommend them.”

“I’ve been to a dentist before who didn’t really notice what the patient was doing. If they are just constantly sticking the drill in you all the time then that gets too much, far too quickly and you’ll never go to them again.”

“A dentist has to be able to keep you calm and respond to what you need, not just what they need as a dentist.”

In his search for a new dentist, Gary was finally given a recommendation by a friend.

“I had one friend that had come to Titchfield Dental Health before and he said, ‘it’s good for a dentist’.”

Gary took the advice and is now coming to the end of his course of treatment.

“Titchfield Dental Health seem to take things a lot slower. They are not just straight in drilling, removing and filling. They take their time and they talk to you. They explain everything they are doing step by step and if something changes, they will stop and tell you what is going on, ask you questions and ask if you want to continue. It makes you more confident and it relaxes you as well. They’re friendly and caring but know exactly what they are doing.”