How Seeing a Dental Phobia Certified Dentist Can Help

It’s quite normal for a parent to be in the same room while their child is having dental treatment. But for Clare, who has always been afraid of going to the dentist, her dad still sits opposite her while she’s in the dentist’s chair – even though she is now 56.

Clare is not unusual. Her fear of dentists, or dentophobia to give it its proper name, stems from bad experiences with her childhood dentist. This fear ran so deep that it used to make her sick when she heard the word ‘teeth’. What makes Clare different from countless others with dentophobia is that she has learnt to cope with her fears with the help of a Dental Phobia Certified Dentist.

Clare said, “I did some research and I found certified phobic dentists which this was one of the practices. The way that they examined you and looked at your oral health was just so thorough that you felt it was a partnership. I feel heard and I know that they wouldn’t suggest something that I couldn’t cope with.”

The result is that Clare is now receiving the regular dental health care she needs. Clare realises that there are untold numbers of people in Hampshire like her who know they need to see a dentist but are both anxious and possibly embarrassed they have left it so long. She said,

“My advice to people that are nervous going to the dentist is to not continue doing what you’ve always done but to look at something that could bridge that gap. I cannot believe I’m on the journey where I’m happy to come to the dentist.”

Those who have a fear of going to the dentist are not alone. A check-up at Titchfield Dental Health will be sympathetic and pain free. As a private practice there is time to listen to concerns and patients will never be rushed.

Call us on 01489 581158 to talk through the options with Kerrie or Hilary, our friendly receptionists. Alternatively, book an appointment online. We know the first step will be the hardest, but we will care for you the rest of the way.