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Your time to smile!
How the TDH team can help you say goodbye to dental fear

Whatever your negative dental experiences, with our help you can leave your fears where they belong: in the past.

It’s important that you look after your oral health. Your lifestyle, psychological well-being and dental health depend on it. If you continue to avoid the dentist, this can lead to severe, perhaps irreversible, damage.

So, take the first step. Work with us. Tell us everything. In detail. We understand the panic. The sweaty palms. The rumbling tum. The unsteady legs. The tears. We also know how to ease these symptoms. As your confidence grows, they will disappear for good.

Dr Clare Chavasse is dental phobia certified, so she ensures that we practise what we preach!

you are not alone

With our continued support you will achieve what you long for: the happy smile that comes from bouncing oral health. We’ve done it for others—we can do it for you.

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Time to
plan your dental health

No pressure—you are in control

What does and doesn’t happen is up to you. You do not have to do anything out of your comfort zone.

Drive by Titchfield Dental Health. You don’t have to do any more than this for starters. It’s a beautiful, converted Edwardian family house. The calm, friendly, family vibe continues inside, which you will discover if you come in and say hello. Why not bring a friend or a family member?

we are happy to chat

This is your chance to tell us why the dentist gives you the heebie-jeebies—we will understand. Sit down and have a cuppa or two on the house.

Our staff are happy to discuss your concerns. We are trained, qualified and experienced in dental phobias. If this is enough, leave and have a think.

Meet the team—tour the premises

If you are ready for the next step, you can meet the team. All of us. Putting faces to names can help to break down barriers. As does understanding our systems and processes, our treatments and technology.

You get to know us. We get to know you. Have a guided tour of the building. Ask as many questions as you like.

choose your dentist

Getting to know you means we get to play matchmaker.  Partnering you with the dentist we feel is the most sympathetic to your personality and individual requirements. But, if you have a preference, we are happy to oblige!

your first dental health assessment

Comfy chair, feet up, music in the background. We are happy to tailor the tunes to your taste. Or you can bring your own MP3 player and headphones and zone out to your favourites while we check your dental health. Teeth, gums, tongue. It doesn’t take long and is painless. We can stop at any time if you need a break. 


Congratulations! You have come a long way. It’s time for your first treatment. This can be as simple and pain-free as polishing your teeth or a sealant filling. You won’t feel a thing and will walk tall when we’ve finished. And don’t forget the music!

If you need a course of treatments, we plan these close together. This means you don’t have the time to fret and undo all the good work that has got you this far.


If you don't want to be aware of procedures we are able to offer expert sedation using Consultant Anaesthetists from 3H Medical Limited.

Dentistry has come a long way and one of its major wonders is pain-free treatment. We never use any other. Sometimes patients wonder when we will start, when we have, in fact, finished!

Here's how we do it…

the magic wand

Aren’t computers wonderful? Thanks to this clever gadget the area for treatment is numbed using a small, hand-held device. Anaesthetic is effortlessly and painlessly delivered and does its thing while you think of other things. No pain. No numb lip. No spilled drinks. If this isn’t magic, what is?


Would you rather drift off and be unaware of what’s going on? Then this safe procedure is for you. No anxiety. No discomfort. Unlike a General Anaesthetic you remain conscious. Medicine is administered through a small device in the back of your hand. Patients have been known to nod off, they are so relaxed!

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Time to listen—to our former nervous patients

Yes, former. Once they were just like you. With time, patience and the will to put their fears behind them, they have become smiling regulars. They come to us happily and leave even happier. This can be you.

Listen to our former nervous patients…

On the dreaded day, Sharon was on duty and she deserves an extra special mention. I had a sedative to calm me down and Sharon went out of her way to talk to me to reassure me to such a degree that when I went in to have the extractions done I was laughing on the way into the chair. At this point I should mention the skill of the team who made the experience nowhere near as frightening as I had expected. This is a massive step forward for me after 40 years of misery and fear due to a childhood experience. I feel like I have emerged into the light. I have made an appointment to have an assessment done and although I am not out of the woods yet I feel I will be able to at last attend the Dentist on a regular basis as any normal person does. All the staff I met are an absolute credit to your practice.

John Y, a formerly nervous patient

I so want to thank all of the lovely staff at Titchfield Dental Practice for the kindness, care and understanding that was shown to me on my recent visits. As you all know I had an extremely deep fear of any dentist after a very bad experience many years ago. Just passing by the door of a dentist or hearing someone talk about the dentist filled me with dread. But since my visits and treatment at Titchfield Dental Health I have lost this fear, it doesn’t bother me at all any more to pass a dental practice. I know I have found a practice that doesn’t look or smell like the usual dentists! A place where patient care is second to none. I can’t thank the lovely staff enough and look forward to seeing you all on my next visit (I never thought I would be saying that!)

Lyn W, a formerly nervous patient

some frequently asked questions

How will I be treated?

With kindness and care, all the time, by all of us.

Will I be told off?

This is unheard of. We understand why people postpone dental treatment. We treat all our patients as we would like to be treated ourselves: with kindness, insight and respect.

I'm afraid of needles. What can you do to help?

We have all the tools and techniques to ensure you don’t feel a thing.

Can I have sedation?

Yes. Our consultant anaesthetists visit us when sedation is needed. Patients who think they need sedation often don’t, once they have gained confidence.

Is sedation safe?

Yes. You are in professional hands at all times.

Will the dentist be gentle?

Of course. We all are. We will stop at any time. You are always in control.

Can I have treatment without feeling numb?

Yes. The Magic Wand delivers pain-free anaesthetic only to the area that is being treated. The days of losing all sensation in one side of your face, for hours, have gone for good.

How do I know that I will have a positive experience?

Because we are trained to award-winning standards and have the happy patients to prove it. We give you time, at every stage. We can help you with breathing and relaxation techniques. You are always in control and we work together, every step of the way.

Will it hurt?

Our dentists are highly qualified and experienced in pain-free dentistry. We also use the latest technology, so you benefit from the best of the best.

Will I feel rushed?

Never. We always give you the time you need. Dentistry is not an exact science. Sometimes treatments take longer than expected. Rather than rushing you, our reception team will keep everyone informed and flex an appointment, to give you the time needed.

Will the dentists stop if I need a break?

Yes. Before treatment starts, the dentist will give you a signal which you can use so that they stop immediately. Just raise your hand. We are true to our word and we always make time for breaks.

Will I always be in control?

Of course. We always give you time and understanding. We also get to know you. You can be confident that we will stop at any time. We offer you every treatment option. You decide what you want and how far you go.

Will I get my smile back, even though I am terrified?

Yes, you will. We can stage your treatment over weeks or months. Working at your pace, always. Your mouth will be healthy, good-looking and pain-free. And your smile will reflect this.

time to take the first step?

You know what to do—contact us via the form below, call us on 01489 581158, drive by and/or call in.

We're here and ready to help—because it's your time to SMILE!

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